Ultralight backpackers understand the importance of versatile gear. Choosing one piece of gear that will serve many purposes is a very effective strategy when reducing pack weight. So, why would you want a hood that is separated from your other gear? A sleeping bag or quilt without a hood is lighter weight, more comfortable, and more versatile for warmer weather. Therefore, your pack will be lighter when you don’t need the extra warmth of a down hood. When you are expecting colder temperatures, you can add our down hood to your kit as part of your sleep system, or to supplement your warm jacket around camp.

Both of our down hoods have adjustable underarm straps to keep them comfortably in place. So whether you’re quickly turning around to investigate that snapping twig behind you, or tossing around in your quilt, you won’t end up facing the inside of your hood. This is particularly beneficial for side and stomach sleepers, as you would otherwise end up breathing condensation into a sleeping bag with an attached hood. And let’s face it. If you’re strutting around camp cooking dinner in one of our hoods, you’re going to look extra cool. Okay, that‘s not true. But you will be extra warm.

Katabatic Gear offers two different down hoods for sale. Our Windom is lighter weight and features soft, brushed elastic around the face opening. The Crestone is the warmer option, and has a drawstring adjustable opening. Please visit our product pages for more details, pictures and specs.