“Katabatic quilts are amongst the few pieces of gear that I’ve owned, about which there is literally nothing I would change. And for the record, I can be a picky bugger when it comes to backpacking equipment.” – Cam “Swami” Honan has hiked more than 60,000 miles (96,561 km) in some 56 countries and six continents.

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We started Katabatic Gear because we were unsatisfied with the available options for ultralight quilt style sleeping bags. In fact, we had some of the same concerns you may have about making the switch to a quilt style bag. We felt that many quilts reduced weight, but made for a drafty, uncomfortable night’s sleep. So, we set out to design the best ultralight sleeping bag available.

Our ultralight quilt designs remove what is unnecessary without losing warmth, comfort, or versatility. Like most quilt style sleeping bags, the bottom insulation you would normally compress by lying on it is removed to save weight. So, how do you keep warm with a gaping hole in the bottom of the sleeping bag? Well, some companies’ quilts wrap around the bottom of your sleeping pad, leaving large amounts of dead air space inside the bag, as well as potential abrasions where the bag contacts the ground. Other designs have you tie or use straps to hold the two edges together. But this allows the opening to lift up or roll to the top whenever you turn or move. Our patented pad attachment design addresses those issues by wrapping the quilt between you and the top of your sleeping pad, while also keeping it securely in place when you move, toss, or turn. This unique design not only solves issues of traditional quilt sleeping bags, it offers significant advantages. It allows you the ability to easily adjust the girth and inner volume of the bag, and therefore the level of warmth you need. In warm weather you have more room and ventilation options than a traditional mummy bag. In cold weather you can close the quilt securely around you for maximum warmth.  Our quilts also feature differential cut, which most companies don't bother with.  We believe that differential cut, along with our many other thoughtful design features, make the difference between a comfortable sleep in the wilderness, and a drafty restless night.

Our Elite series features mummy shaping and secondary pad attachment points, making it the best backpacking sleeping bag on the market. For those looking for even more versatility, our Flex series has a zippered foot box, allowing it to be completely opened to a blanket, or snugly closed to seal in warmth. All of our ultralight sleeping bags are built from the best available lightweight fabrics and ethically sourced down, by the most meticulous staff you’ll ever find. See our product pages for more details.

It’s time. No more excuses. Get into a Katabatic Gear ultralight quilt style sleeping bag, and feel how comfortable and versatile lightweight gear can be.